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Stream Movies Together
Stream movies together with your friends online. Join or host virtual movie nights and watch movies together online anywhere, anytime. Friends watching movies together online on their phones. App to stream and watch movies together.

Stream movies with friends

Connect, Create and Strengthen Friendships

Share your passion with other movie goers. Discover other movie streamers who you can connect with and create lasting friendships. Or start your own stream and create a following! Stream movies with friends and never watch alone again.

  • @LynnHorror

    Horror Movies
    Stream Horror movies online together with your friends on any device.
  • @Jackie11

    Movie Night
    Stream Kung Fu movies online together with your friends in high-quality video.
  • @KyleTT

    Action Movies
    Stream Action movies online together with your friends from anywhere, anytime.
  • @KayKay

    Just Chatting
    Connect and meet new people. Join streams and connect with like-minded people.

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Better Features, Better Movie Streams

Stream movies with friends with the latest and best features. Features that will make your online watch parties unforgettable. Virtual movie nights just became that much better. Stream videos with friends.

Endless Viewing

Dive into a vast library of movies spanning across all genres. There will always be something to watch for everyone. Never be bored again.

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Auto Sync

Sync up and catch up without any of the hassle. Auto sync your video and audio seamlessly. Stream movies in sync with all your friends online.

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Real-Time Interactions

Stream movies together with your friends online while you video chat and audio chat. Send memes and emojis while you stream. Connect like never before.

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Start Streaming Movies Together on any Device

Why wait? Download the Stream Movies Together app now and start streaming on any device. Join thousands of others who are enjoying their movies from the palm of their hand. Your virtual movie nights start here.

Stream Movies Together